The Devil Made Me Do It…

…by which I mean, maintain my Netflix account.

That’s right! Fox’s cancelled TV show Lucifer was saved by Netflix and the world is getting (at least) another season out of it, thanks to an extensive #SaveLucifer Twitter campaign.

If you haven’t heard of this show it’s basically a quirky-civilian-consultant-helps-police-solve-crime procedural (I think there are enough of those now that it’s a genre all on its own). Except that instead of being a obsessive compulsive savant (Monk), a psychic (The Dead Zone, Medium), a savant-pretending to be a psychic (Psych, The Mentalist), or a crime writer (Castle), the quirk here is that the civilian is actually the Prince of Darkness and Lord of Hell, Satan himself.

I know, it sounds stupid. And it is, the premise is completely ridiculous. I’m sorry to say that it honestly kept me from watching it for a long time. But somehow–implausibly–it works. I’m going to do more blog posts on what exactly it is I love about this show after the Season 4 release date comes out.

But for now, I am going to use this as an awkward transition to explain the terrible premise for this blog–it’s thought vomit. Thought vomit mostly about TV, movies, and books that I happen upon at random. Like being a late-comer to #SaveLucifer train, I am often behind on my consumption of popular media. I find myself discovering or getting into TV shows long past their original release.

I’m the sort of person that really enjoys reading through the comment sections on sites like the AV Club… but I’m always like two or three years late to the discussion. So that’s what this blog is–all of the comments I want to post on dead threads.

I expect about as many people to read it as any of my comments… which is to say, it’s just you and me here, pal. But thanks for reading! Come back when I’m actually saying something interesting.


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