Does it ever happen to you, that you find your head so full of writing ideas during the day, that you barely get anything done at work because you keep getting distracted and jotting down notes about it?

And then you get home and sit down to write.

And it’s like this:

Fucking crickets!


9 thoughts on “Siiiiigh…

      1. Yes it is🤬🤬🤬
        But keep writing those ideas down, one day you’ll get so sick of work, you’ll start to pen a page…or two or three😉

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  1. I’ve never been able to stop work to write anything having spent my working life as an underling , add to that my grammar is abysmal . When I retired at 61 I set about educating myself as best I could mainly by reading.
    If you feel something very strongly it will come out onto the page.

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    1. Well it’s not much more than a scribble on a post-it here or there (advantage of a desk job).

      Sounds like you’re making good use of your retirement though! Never stop learning that’s my motto!

      Just curious, what was your line of work before retirement?


  2. Here is a small selection : painter , delivery driver , milkman ,
    Labourer on building site , General dogs body in scrap metal yard , storeman.
    At the same time we had four children and now three grandchildren . Our children are all in the fast lane , in fact the oldest is 53 which makes me shudder.

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    1. Aah, I figured you were a hard worker! The first half of my career is peppered with stuff like furniture moving, baggage handling, farm labor… just generally a lot of “hey, move this heavy thing from point A to point B”. Which I guess is still technically true because now I work in Global Supply Chain, but in this position the heaviest thing I personally lift is a laptop. I’ve got the pudge show it too :/

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      1. Your end sentence made me smile. I’m glad to be enjoying a quiet backwater and doing those things which formerly I had no time for. We did our best for our children but it was not an easy task but good fortune was on our side. Two common shortages dogged us time and money but that of course applies to most people.

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