G. Edwards Asks: What is Your Favorite Season of the Year

(The following is a continuation of this post)

Well, G. Edward, I am lucky enough to live in Minnesota, where I experience all of the seasons. All sixteen of them.

That’s right. Sixteen.

I present, the sixteen seasons of Minnesota:

  1. Fall (Maybe, sometimes, we’ll see, maybe we’ll just skip it and go straight to winter, who knows?)
  2. Winter
  3. Cold Winter
  4. Polar Vortex
  5. More Winter
  6. Fake Spring
  7. Winter again
  8. Spring, No, but for Real This Time
  9. Just Kidding! Even  More Winter
  10. Pot Holes
  11. June
  12. Swamp
  13. No, literally I am afraid I might drown in the air it’s that humid
  14. State Fair
  15. Rain
  16. Cold Rain

We’re in number 1 right now.

My favorite is June. June is quite nice.

Bloggers You Should Check Out Today:

Every season is a good season for poetry. Deceptively simple, the poetry of A Fragile Mind will stick in your brain like a cerebral amuse bouche. I guess that technically makes it an amuse cerveau.

Or maybe you fancy a little fine art for your next course? Try Emma Louise’s delightful artwork at Pens and Pigment.

Current NaNo Word Count: 6,532

I continue to fall further behind, and my “novel” is really a hot mess. I did pull out this little Shakespearean-inspired gem though:

“Don’t you shush me you sorry little sad-faced runt-ball of a rabbit’s dropping! You snag-toothed gopher liver! I’ll teach you to respect your elders, you egg!”

I find ways to amuse myself. How about you fellow, NaNoWriMos? Coming up with anything good?

10 thoughts on “G. Edwards Asks: What is Your Favorite Season of the Year

    1. I don’t think I will ever catch up. And I am out next week travelling for work. I’ll still do what I can, but it’s training, and conferences, and networking all day and I am expected to keep up with the day to day stuff. So unless I haul ass this weekend I’m gonna be tapping out and just try to hit 800 words a day after I get back, just to build the habit.

      Good luck on yours though!

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