Jennifer Asks: What Genre Do You Think is Not Your Favorite, But You Find Yourself Picking Up Again and Again?

(The following is a continuation of this post)

Historical Romance. I don’t usually seek out romance novels, but on occasion, I come across them at second hand stores… and somehow end up walking out with them.

And when I say historical romance, I mean bad, cheesy, historical romance.

I mean full-on gothic, bodice-ripping, cigarette-ads-in-the-middle, 1970s penny-book historical romance.

I mean… Kentucky-Fried historical romance…

It’s…finger-lickin’ good.

Bloggers You Should Check Out Today:

Rag Tag Magpie is doing a Nursery Rhyme Challenge for November, today’s features a young woman pining for her sailor-love in a rhyme that was apparently later co-opted as a campaign jingle. I really love her doodle and crafting style. It just gives off that really neat indie coffee house and knitting club vibe and I don’t know how else to describe it.

Carrie’s Book Reviews is doing a book giveaway for some romance called “Montana Mistletoe”. That’s something I would never pick up. Any romance involving “Montana” or any Christmas reference is a big, fat NOPE from me. I really hate anything with a Christmas theme. It’s my least favorite holiday by far. Also I grew up in Montana and most of those books are written by A. People who have never been to Montana or B. People who have never left Montana and honestly I can’t handle either. But if it’s your thing, hey go sign up. Definitely check out her other reviews esp. if you are into mostly YA, romance, mystery or other light reading.

Current NaNoWriMo Word Count: 9,178

Terrible progress… although I’ve already gotten farther than I did last year and there’s still quite a bit of the month left. I’ll keep plugging along for the time being. Hoping you all are getting where you want to be on it.

20 thoughts on “Jennifer Asks: What Genre Do You Think is Not Your Favorite, But You Find Yourself Picking Up Again and Again?

      1. No, that’s the month you’d set it aside. The drafts are usually a mess. The goal is to just keep writing without worrying too much about revising. They do a month in April for editing challenges.

        It’s really more about building writing habits and actually getting stuff on the page than anything else. Very, very few NaNos get published (and even the ones that do, it’s not based off the first draft), but I would say that isn’t even necessarily the goal for most people who participate.

        They also organize writing meet-ups, people do it with their friends and compare at the end, etc.

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      2. Prolly not from this draft lol. It’s a hot mess. I’m hoping to eventually turn it into something more readable. I’m still playing with what form I want it to take, hopefully something worth sharing in some form.

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      3. it’s still experience tho, which is the point as you’ve told me 🙂 playing with form is fun! especially with fantasy. many dif ways to go

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  1. Oh my god me toooo!!! I dontlike reading Historical Romance either!! 🤣🤣🤣 But I have been trying to convince myself to give it another try having read a few really good reviews of a lot of books belonging to that genre! AND ALL OF THEM ARE SOOO PRETTYYY I WANNA READ THEMMM! 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Oh, that’s actually surprising to hear coming from you, seeing how much you like Jane Austen and the Bronte stuff.

      My sister likes Philippa Gregory don’t know if you’ve read her books? My sister mostly reads historical fiction/historical romance, so I would guess she’s a decent judge of the genre.

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      1. Okay HOLD UP! I must have confused the genres, being the clumsy person I am! I thought that Philippa Gregory stuff is Historical…OKY WAITT…thats regency, isnt it? WAIT WHATS A GENRE? 🤣🤣🤣🤣


      2. Not sure who else would fall into that genre? Diana Gabaldon a little, although her stuff is technically fantasy romance. Winston Graham too, though his might just be historical, tv-adaptation aside I didn’t find them overtly romantic. Besides the penny-novels I pick up at Goodwill and re-donate afterwards I really can’t think of any else.

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    1. I once picked up a book that described the heroine as having “hair of mahogany” which I felt must be terribly uncomfortable to sleep on. . .

      I read the whole thing in the aisle at Goodwill and put it back on the shelf without paying for it. . .

      Don’t know if I am ashamed about reading it or not paying for it.

      The good news is, the Count WAS able to tame her wild spirit. Vigorously. 😉


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