Ten Things I Am Grateful For

Hey it’s Thanksgiving this week in the US, so I’d like to just put a list of things I am particularly grateful for instead of concentrating on negativity. Especially since my last post was a bit of a pity party–thank you for indulging me on that.

Here we go:

Ten Things I Am Grateful For

1. At my last dental appointment, I did not vomit on my dentist.

2. A good book and a hot cup of cinnamon tea.

3. Coffee.

4. Essential Oil Diffusers. Laugh all you want, my apartment smells like tea tree oil and lavender and it’s amazing.

5. Having a job with full benefits and enough pay to cover my day to day needs.

6. Library Book Sales

7. Public Transportation

8. The Internet. For all the trouble it brings, it also brings connections with people, places, and perspectives I would otherwise never have been exposed to.

9. This podcast about Dolly Parton. It’s amazing. I was listening to the episode about Jolene at work today and discovered that it is actually physically painful for me to not sing along every time I here that song.

10. And I’m thankful for you, for taking the time to read this. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

This sweet-ass remix is from the podcast. Seriously, the whole podcast is fantastic.

What about you guys? What are you thankful for?

5 thoughts on “Ten Things I Am Grateful For

  1. Library book sales are the flipping best. Went to my first one this Saturday. I picked up two paperback classics I’ve been meaning to read. A freaking dollar. They were fifty cents each. Perfect condition paperbacks. I was blown away.

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    1. I admire you were able to walk out with just two. I like to go to the bag sales… I hit one this year, spent $20 on like 60 books. Found a bunch of those old Michael Moorcock paperbacks. I was so excited. The only other people at that sale were little old ladies looking for gritty and violent murder mysteries and they did not share my appreciation. Their loss!


  2. It’s always good to add up the positives and to be honest we haven’t got much to complain about but like everybody we do have a moan now and again.
    We are in a small bungalow virtually out in the sticks but close to the sea. The road is really a track and there are only four houses on the track . When I walk into the back garden at the end is a huge field totally over grown , then a small road and beyond the sea wall. When the wind is high I can see the tops of the waves and hear the angry surf.
    At the moment we are together and happy with each other and the long memories and we never mention the separation that must come but I take strength from the old saying ‘ cross your bridges when you come to them’ .
    We had four children all now in the fast lane but they keep in contact and our daughter who is about 15 miles away visits most weeks.

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  3. I haven’t tried diffusers yet, but I do like essential oils! Let’s see, what else…Library book sales are great, although I’m also just glad for libraries in general. I would be living in a house made of books if I couldn’t borrow them from the library. Then again, that doesn’t sound so bad…

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