G. Edwards Asks: Would You Rather Change the World or Change Yourself?

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I do not have the hubris to imagine that I should ever be allowed the power to change the world–along what lines? What would give me the right to decide in what ways the world exactly should be changed? Could it be done without impinging upon the volition and autonomy of other people? If I changed the world for what I thought to be the better in one way, would I nevertheless turn it to the worse in another in the course of my own ignorance?

I think I should like to change myself, and in so doing, work with others to better the world as I can as part of a collective effort. And, in admitting there is a great deal about the world of which I am most astonishingly ignorant, to wit the fact of that ignorance being something which only the world itself could ever hope to remedy, rather than I only changing the world, I should like the world in its turn, to also take a chance at changing me.

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12 thoughts on “G. Edwards Asks: Would You Rather Change the World or Change Yourself?

  1. I’ve got a job to follow that because it says near enough what I would say.
    I’m not too sure about changing myself but it must be happening maybe the world’s at work on me. I feel flattered as I’m such a small cog.

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  2. That’s a tough question—there’s a lot in the world that needs changing, being more tolerant of other’s beliefs is a biggie. But on the other hand, one can be too tolerant and allow absolute craziness to run roughshod over society to the detriment of all. Like you stated, if one had the ability to change something, what would the change affect? On a personal level, all of us could use some work, so I guess I would opt to change myself.

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    1. Yeah it’s definitely a tough one. Too far to either side and I think there is trouble. We live in a society, can’t forget how our actions or inactions might affect other people, wherever you choose to place the emphasis.

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  3. I am so down with this. If everyone answered this question, ” I would change myself,” then the world would change for the better.

    On a related note, I remember as a young person being encouraged to go out and change the world when what they should have been telling me was to work on my character flaws.

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    1. Yeah… and it’s sad the bulk of the messaging we do get about self-improvement as young people is inevitably tied to “buy this thing”, which makes us insecure when we can’t.

      There has to be room for healthy self-reflection in a way that leads us to better understand ourselves and each other, without also crushing our self-esteem along the way.

      Maybe we all need therapy, lol.


  4. I think I would also lean toward change myself. There are times I wish I could change things about the world, but as you observe, there’s no way to know that even a seemingly benevolent change wouldn’t result in new problems.

    Of course, similar things could be said about changing myself. If I wished to be fearless, might I start to make mistakes my usual caution currently prevents? If I wished to be happy all the time, would I drive everyone away from my too-big smile? Maybe it’s better that we can only make small changes to ourselves and maybe, in the long run, to the world.

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    1. True, but I guess I would rather take the risk of putting myself in danger than deciding something for someone else that would put them in danger. We’re connected so maybe a little of that is inevitable. I just want to be more cognizant of power dynamics and how even being in a position to decide something for someone else can lead to dehumanization, especially when it comes to major life decisions.

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  5. Lol, yes I think we do all need therapy. Comes with the standard package. Unfortunately it is not always effective.

    You are right on that people will never admit to our flaws unless we know there is a way we can be restored, not crushed, once we have admitted to them. May I humbly suggest that this way of restoration is what we are offered through Jesus Christ.

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  6. Interesting question. Changing yourself is the way to go in order to change the world. Only leaders can create change. And the most efficient way to lead is through example.

    The amusing thing is that even if you have no intention of changing the world, by improving and working on yourself you can influence others, forming a ripple effect. And perhaps changing something in the world.

    And thank you very much for linking to my Madness and Innocence series! Within those sweet nothings, you might find something which resonates with your very being. Or just a healthy dose of humour.

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