Weird Wednesday Presents: Peter Pied Piper

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter pads the sound of teeny tiny tripping trapping Tumbling, twirling, twisting, curling, little-little feet a-dancing It’s not the children, oh my, oh no, not the children never they They’re gone forever, flapped their feet and flew away No, no, no, ‘tis just the scritch-scritch-scratch and rat-ta-tat-tat of rats’ attack The squeak-squeak crack and … Continue reading Weird Wednesday Presents: Peter Pied Piper

Wednesdays Writing Prompt

A Thursday Response to Wednesdays Writing Prompt: One. Shaking hands—a trembling finger Resting lightly on the trigger A second passes in a hundred years Blood-drums pounding in your ears Two. Bead of sweat trickling down your brow Sneering lips—you’ve got her now Heat in your chest a rising fire Vicious sensation of vengeful desire Three. … Continue reading Wednesdays Writing Prompt