Brief Bedtime Musings on Paradise Lost and an Extremely Wordy Original Poem

You know, the tragedy of Milton’s Satan is that he ends up becoming a worse version of the very thing he is rebelling against. In truth, I wonder Milton’s universe would be better served if both God and the Devil were to follow the path of the Buddha and relinquish the chains of desire to the pursuit of being.

And now–an extremely wordy original poem, which I found buried in the fiery bowels of my laptop:

Pillars of the Beast

From dark and deep and dreamless sleep hast thou at last awakened

And from thy weary eyes–the crusted scales of dreary dogma hath fallen fast away

Revealing within those sacred windows the shimmer of a soul now unencumbered

–By sin, that burdensome and grinding weight which bore thee eternally down–

and encircled thy head—o bright temple of the mind!—with sharp and thorny crown

Where blood once dripped now in beauty blooms reddest roses upon thy noble brow. 

And with what astonishment and awe were we overcome in that most blessed moment!

When such solemn certitude did ring its clarion call to announce the battle for our souls

Began it as a tremulous hum from lips unparted–then from thy open throat the growl of the Beast

And In the whirring echoes of its rising howl the flashing thunders of Hell resounded

To rattle those great and pearly gates–to crumble the damning and damnable walls of Heaven!

And by its thrum shall we–sweet sinners!–awaken to rise from the Pit and enter in–

 And there in the shadow of Heaven’s ruin, let truth—not faith— be our salvation!

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