Playing With Prompts

So the writing hasn’t been going well. It’s just so hard to concentrate these days. At least I have finally started to catch up on my reading, so that’s been nice.

Anyway, the poems I’ve been coming up with lately have all been–how shall I put this?


Yeah, that’s the word I want to use.

In any case I decided to look for prompts to try and dig my way out of this funk and found this handy generator at Seventh Sanctum.

Here were the prompts I got:

The galaxy was dreaming.
The sky will be my friend.
The cloud is my worst enemy.
A plague was just what I expected.

It’s almost a strange little poem on its own. Here are the rough verses I came up with:

Prompted, In Verse

Blinked the stars in twinkling dreams

Shined like rocks and glittering beams

Starlight and sunlight share the same difference

As the eye from the brain–it’s in the distance.

“Open me wide and swallow me whole,”

Said the Sky to the Earth below–

“And we shall meet but never touch–

It’s something but it isn’t much.”

It’s the dark cloud hanging in the air

Between us, just sitting there.

It is raining, it is pouring

Everything is just so boring!

Locked up, left alone quarantining,

While life is losing all its meaning

Without you. Wishing you were here

With me, waiting for the sky to clear.


Well… it’s something, but it isn’t much. That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Playing With Prompts

    1. That’s how I usually deal with prompts. I don’t like too much structure. Just something to get the brain juices flowing a little. It’s pretty gunky up there right now though.


  1. ”It is raining, it is pouring

    Everything is just so boring!”


    Jokes aside, BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED, Rook! As always! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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