INKTOBER 2019: Day 27. Coat

Deepest Black. Elegant. It's such a pretty coat.Deepest black.Elegant.Ermine, mink, fox and stoat-- you took their skin but left their scentburied it in perfume and cheap cologne--The smell of civilization, that.Do you think it will protect you-- Out here? In the wild?Where you are all alone...Oh! You precious child!You pretty little sweet!I can't wait to … Continue reading INKTOBER 2019: Day 27. Coat

INKTOBER 2019: Day 23. Ancient

Just embracing my heritage today... In fact, I'm declaring October 23rd International Neanderthal Heritage Day by the power vested in me by this blog and literally no where else, as a day to celebrate prominent brow ridges, hairless backs and an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes and long-term depression. Yay. I wonder if it's … Continue reading INKTOBER 2019: Day 23. Ancient