My Theory About Friday the Thirteenth

I have this theory that the increase of bad luck on Friday the Thirteenth acts along entropic principles in reverse so that when luck decreases on the whole system it increases in a closed system, meaning that somebody, somewhere has to be really, really lucky on Friday the Thirteenth.

I’m postulating that it is as likely to be me as anyone else who gets all the luck today.

Or maybe it’s you.

The point is, you can’t think about it too much because observing the phenomenon too closely will cause it to collapse like a wave-particle.


Just don’t think about it.  

2 thoughts on “My Theory About Friday the Thirteenth

  1. Applying this tricky theory to Friday the tenth someone must be extremely lucky on that day and extending this to any named day extreme luck must occur to someone on every day. The unfortunate result of this rock solid theory is we cannot tell who that lucky recipient will be on a given day .
    ‘ It could be YOU! ‘ if your lucky that is.

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  2. So it’s like there is a finite amount of luck? Luck can’t be created or destroyed, only shifted from person to person?

    If someone gets lucky in the forest, did it really happen?


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