INKTOBER 2019: Day 4. Freeze

It’s just true.

You Can’t Trust the Weatherman

You can’t always tell from the weatherman how cold it is–
Seems like the measurement is a bit hit or miss.
But you can always tell by the state of your skin,
No matter the meteorologist’s calculation!

What is Inktober? You can learn more about it here.

17 thoughts on “INKTOBER 2019: Day 4. Freeze

  1. So true! We have a “weather rock” outside. Instead of trusting the weatherman, we look at the rock. It it’s wet, it’s raining. If it’s white, it’s snowing. If it’s warm, it’s sunny. That rock never fails. πŸ™‚

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  2. You have such a way with poetry. Definitely takes skill to be able to rhyme. And your drawings are awesome, you make them fit exactly to the content.

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    1. Thanks! It does helps if you draw the pictures first actually πŸ™‚ I find it easier to fit the words to the picture than the picture to the words.

      I’m trying to get some of the poetry done for the upcoming prompts early, we’ll see how it turns out when I try to do it the other way around.


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