Jennifer Asks: What One Currently Living Writer Would You Most Like to Have Lunch, A Beer, or A Coffee With?

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Uh… Well… they say you never really want to meet your heroes right? I think honestly, it would be awkward to have lunch with someone I was like, a really big fan of. It would be hard not to get all “fannish” and weird. I think it would just be uncomfortable. You can’t necessarily tell what a person is going to be like from their writing.

So oddly enough I am going to choose Amanda Coplin, author of The Orchardist.

It’s a pretty good book. Very lush, poetic prose. It’s a very slow-paced book, though, mostly about people living with each other while mostly unable to get out their own heads. It will also make you very hungry for fruit, but any fruit will disappoint you compared to how it is described in this book.

I picked this one, because, funnily enough, I once worked a temp job with her then-boyfriend and met her at an after-work happy hour. She was cool. Perfectly decent sort of person to have a beer with. I met her before I read her book, though, so I really had no expectations.

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Current NaNo Word Count: 5,367

My 2020 reading resolution is to incorporate more Indie authors onto my reading queue. So all you indie authors in the blogosphere, feel free to shamelessly plug your book in the comments. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Asks: What One Currently Living Writer Would You Most Like to Have Lunch, A Beer, or A Coffee With?

  1. Well said. I’ve always been uncomfortable with the whole “What ____ would you most like to have lunch/dinner/crumpets with” question. The last thing I want to do with anyone I admire is worry about whether they’re judging how I eat a sandwich.

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