INKTOBER 2019: Day 20. Tread

Still I’ll Survive

You may squash me with your shoes
with their laces neatly tied
You may grind me into the asphalt
But still, I’ll survive.

Does my hardiness upset you?
How foolish you should presume
That I wouldn’t make my home
Beneath the rug in your living room!

With every turn of the season
Though in the cold I may hide
I’ll return with the warmth of spring
In the soil, I’ll survive.

Did you want to see me trapped
Caught in jars just like fruit-flies?
On my back kicking helpless
Until I shrivel up and die?

You may bomb me with poison gas
You may try to burn me alive
Through the lens of a magnifying glass
But still, I will survive

Does my mating call upset you?
In its sound you realize
That millions of my born brand new
offspring will under your fridge hide!

Out of the kitchen corners
I’ll survive
From underneath the floorboards
I’ll survive
In nuclear winter or earth on fire
I’ll keep going, I’ll never die!

Laying my eggs in your ear!
I’ll survive
Swimming drunk in your favorite beer!
I’ll survive
Carrying disease and dirt and shit
Covering all of your food with it!
I’ll survive
I’ll survive
You can’t kill me
I’ll never die!

–Dr. Cuca Rachelou

I think some of you will probably get this right away, but just to clarify for those of you who aren’t familiar with the original, the above is a very dumb spoof of award-winning memoirist and poet Maya Angelou’s famous poem “Still I Rise” (see video below).

She was also in the made-for-TV adaptation of Alex Haley’s Roots of which grade-A-certified DILF LeVar Burton was the star. This story from Burton’s reddit AMA a few years ago where he tells about his experience with her on the set was the inspiration for my nonsense.

This was my favorite of her readings, but the great thing about how she recites this poem is that it’s a little different each time.

Ok, to be totally honest, Gloria Gaynor also deserves a mention for this one.

Yeah! You’re better off without him!

And also this one, just because you’re fabulous and you deserve it.

Sing it!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

5 thoughts on “INKTOBER 2019: Day 20. Tread

  1. As I was reading it, I could hear the melodyπŸ˜‚
    OMG, those damn things. No matter how many times I see them, the FL & NC/SC versions (palmettos) still creeps me out. Why, why do they gotta be so damn big! And folks dont realize but they are extremely intelligent. Unlike, their small Northern cousins, the palmettos watch you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God that is why I don’t live in the South!!!!

      The biggest crawlers I’ve got in my apartment at the moment are house centipedes, but they eat the ants and silverfish so I just let them roam free.


      1. Not the fuzzy house centipedes?! Well, they look fuzzy cuz of all those legs. 😱 I cant do them either.
        A gecko did get in our house a few weeks back, I was happy to let him stay but Kareem was intent on eviction. I rather have lizards anyday.
        The “houseguests” we put up with when they bring something good to the “table”πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

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